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Hunting For Sport – Animals As Trophies

Hunting for sport, or 'trophy hunting' is a topic for an argument with many different sides. For a few million years that was how us Homo sapiens survived. We now live in a time or factory farming and grocery stores, where the need to go outside and hunt for your own food is a rare occurrence in first world countries. While hunting can also be beneficial to the environment by thinning out the heard to prevent overpopulation (which is most common with deer populations), hunting for sport is usually not the case. Hunting for sport is most commonly a form…

Carbon Trade – Is it the solution to Climate Change?

Plants, the producers of oxygen, are also responsible for the consumption of carbon dioxide gas released from other living and non-living things. Living things like animals and human beings release carbon dioxide gas during breathing process whereas non-living things like wood, plastic, metals etc. release carbon during burning as its final byproduct to the environment. The increasing urbanization has led to excess release of carbon to the environment which causes not only the ill health of living creatures but also the climate change in the environment. Mainly, the excessive release of carbon by the developed and industrialized country affects the…

Dissertation Writing Workshops: Learning From Learners

While no one can guarantee your writing success except yourself, you can still increase your chances of getting that degree that you have been dreaming of by participating in dissertation writing workshops. Experience is our best teacher, they say, thus continually doing the dissertation writing will certainly polish your writing skills and your confidence in your area of study.

Extinction of the Rise – Can the Whales be Saved?

Whales are endangered from a variety of aspects and threats most of which have its roots directly linked with human activities.In the past 100 years some of the species of whales were hunted nearly to extinction untill a ban was imposed on Whale Hunting in most parts of the world.   Today out of 13 different species of whales 7 are considered to be threatened and vulnerable to Extinction.The reasons that “Why Whales are Endangered” varies to different aspects.Starvation is one of the reasons for the whales to leave this world forever.Whales are on the rise to entanglement in the…