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In our mundane life we often forget what we are , in our daily routine life we fail to acknowledge the beauty of nature , some of us who arr so busy with our work -life our family and daily chores that we forget that in our childhood days may be some of us used to write poems ..like every year , this year also the Crosswinds Poetry Journal is organizing a poetry contest for the year 2018 … people from all over the globe can participate here .. and they also have a prize money for the winners which are as follows –

First Prize: $1,000 and publication.

Second Prize: $250 and publication.

Third prize:  $100 and publication.


in order to participate you have to follow certain guidelines . but at first you have to pay a fees of 20$ for a group of 3 poems .. however you have to make sure that the poems have not been published or is not scheduled to be published elsewhere .. a maximum of 6 poems are allowed per poet . the time span for submitting poems are July 1st to December 31st . no PDF files are allowed . approximately 100 poems are selected for publication and on the year 2017 the winners have already received their awards . every year famous and well acclaimed people become judges and for the year 2018 the honorable judge will be Mr Lloyd Schwartz , the winner of Pulitzer Prize for Criticism ..


A part of the participation fees (10%) will go to the non-profit literary outreach effort and the Rhode Island Community Food Bank . if you want to know the process in details then please go to the link in the description ..


resources – http://www.crosswindspoetry.com/?page_id=2

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