Poetry is life itself, the soul of life itself!

Poetry is a form of art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities to complement or replace its apparent meaning. Poetry can be written independently, in the form of discrete poems, or it may appear in connection with other arts, dramatic works in lyrics, hymns, or song lyrics.

Lyrical poetry is a lyrical form of poetry, through which the author attempts to convey his own feelings and mood. The lyrical poet does not tell stories or describe characters or actions, as is the case in epic poetry.

Poetry can have only one reason: to communicate, through a very scrupulous rigor, the soul’s traits of a human being to other beauties in order to know them and if the poet is not too proud to understand them and to truly know them.

During the period we are dealing with, two epic poems of unequal value, but not less obvious and characteristic, have been mentioned in the epic poetry, namely: an evolution of the inspirational material from rural to urban; an evolution of treatment from subject to subject or from lyricism to true epic literature.

Evolution from rural to urban is of relative importance, not only in terms of value, but also of its limited meaning to the epoch, through the recitation of peasant mysticism at the beginning of the century.

Blue Mountain Arts

Announces Its Thirty-first Biannual Poetry Card Contest
Deadline: December 31, 2017
1st prize: $350 * 2nd prize: $200 * 3rd prize: $100

In addition, the winning poems will be displayed on our website sps.com.
Please read the following, then scroll down to submit your poem.

Resource: http://www.sps.com/poetry/

2 thoughts on “Poetry is life itself, the soul of life itself!”

  1. The Poetry is beautiful because it emphasises acceptance and self-worth. The writer wonders if the taste is good because it is easy to accept those parts of yourself that you see as desirable, but it is hard to accept those parts that are not. But the imperfections are still as important, and must be recognised for you to know yourself fully.

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