Essay Writing Contests – Steppingstones for Aspiring Writers


There are many different approaches and various different ways of becoming a prolific writer who is well-recognized by society. The most effective mode, however, is entering essay writing contests. These contests help aspiring writers to realize their dreams. They serve as a mere channel to help writers who are struggling to make it to the top. Essay writing contests are the best platforms to showcase something new from the writers’ repertoires. Bringing something unique to the table and recognizing talent is the ultimate goal of these contests.

There are many notable contests today that have the sole objective of helping zealous and endeavoring writers. Some of these contests do not have entry fees and are open to all. Some contests try to filter out the crowd a little bit by charging a minimal fee for entering the contest. These fees may vary from contest to contest. Some are poem-writing contests while others ask you to write an essay or a pre-assigned topic. Either way, proficiency and skill are the only two prerequisites for these contests. They are often highly awarding and offer lots of exposure to writers who are waiting for an opportunity to put their talents to good use.

Contests like EMRA BOMBECK WRITING COMPETITION, NEKOM INSTITUTE LITERARY ARTS AWARDS FOR SPECULATIVE FICTION and BBC INTERNATIONAL RADIO PLAYWRITING COMPETITION have really rewarding cash prizes for the winner to take away. These competitions provide the much-needed financial as well as spiritual boosts to the writers. The names of other renowned essay writing competitions can be found below.



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