Multiple Postdoc Positions Near Tokyo (7T MRI, Transcranial Brain Stimulations)

I’ll be moving from UCLA to the Riken Institute near Tokyo this summer /fall. looking for candidates who are broadly interested in mental imagery, visual working memory, conscious perception, metacognition, attention, etc. we’ll be testing human subjects with layer-specific fMRI at 7T, and brain stimulations (TMS and focused ultrasound). so, experiences with related methods would be an advantage, though we also welcome anyone with sufficient technical background and interest to learn to use these methods.


The positions will last for multiple years, come with generous benefits, and ample technical and logistical support. the formal advert isn’t out yet (hopefully in a week or so), but it will close by early June. so i encourage the interested candidates to contact me as soon as now, by emailing their CVs to hakwan at

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