Psychophysiological Data Analyst

RE-AK Technologies Inc. is a startup company based in Montreal specialized in emotional, cognitive and behavioral analysis. Our activities include UX/CX/HX evaluation, custom system development and R&D. We are a very dynamic team and are looking for members who are driven with a passion for understanding humans in their environment.

Our mandates covers a wide-range of applications and, as a RE-AK team member, you need to be ready to: rapidly acquire new knowledge in various fields of application, be rigorous in your work, maintain a good track record of your analysis and results, be able to communicate efficiently with the other team members to share knowledge and progress and occasionally interact with clients.

Our business culture values opinions, constructive criticism and a general desire of striving for excellence.


We are interested in hearing from two profiles of candidates:

  • if you have experience in psychophysiological data analysis and have a good base in machine learning techniques, or
  • if you are experienced in machine learning applied to timeseries, factor analysis and clustering and have an interest in psychophysiological data.



  • Participate in R&D activities
  • Conduct analysis and interpretation on our various mandates
  • Participate in data collection


Required skills:

  • Python, with a strong base in common data analysis modules and frameworks (pandas, sklearn).
  • Scientific background, with experience in literature review, statistical analysis.


We value the following skills:

  • Experience in machine learning model development and training (classic ML and deep learning)
  • Video and image processing
  • Project management
  • Software development

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