Postdoc – Object Perception And Recognition Using Neuroimaging, Behavioral And Computational Approaches

Are you (or someone you know) interested in applying to a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) to work on object perception and recognition using neuroimaging, behavioral and computational approaches (fMRI, 256 ch EEG, MRI/EEG fusion, tDCS, DNNs, etc)? A MSCA-PF can be a great boost to your career if you are looking for a prestigious Fellowship that allows you to pursue your own independent research!

And are you interested in coming to Portugal and widen your research abilities in this beautiful and welcoming country? Then please contact us:


Jorge Almeida and the Proaction Lab, at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, are looking for strong postdoctoral candidates for a conjoint application to a MSCA-PF!

The University of Coimbra and the Proaction Lab (Jorge Almeida’s lab) will provide support on the application. At the University of Coimbra we are committed to provide you with individualized support for the success of your application. We offer help in writing the technical/content (from the Proaction Lab) and non-technical sections (from the Proaction Lab and a group of specialized science communicators and managers) of your application, a wide range of re-location services should you become a Fellow and competitive conditions to maximize the transfer of knowledge and impact of your research (please see more info here). We particularly encourage applications from women, and from underrepresented groups in academia.


About the Proaction Lab:

The lab is now funded by an ERC grant to Jorge Almeida, as well as several national grants. We are interested in how we recognize objects, how different brain regions encode information and constrain encoding and information processing in different distal areas, and how information is organized in the brain. We are currently moving towards a temporal understanding of these phenomena and so we are now also interested in EEG approaches. We have access to a large pool of participants (close to 200 participants per semester), and to behavioral data collection and presentation equipment. We have access to eyetracking and motion tracking techniques. We also have access to a 3T MRI scanner with a 64-channel coil (with EEG inside the scanner), to a 256 Ch EEG that we have just purchased, and to tDCS with neuronavigation.


The University and the City:

The University of Coimbra just celebrated our 730-year-old birthday and it has been selected as a UNESCO world Heritage site. It is one of the most prestigious Universities in Portugal, has attracted the largest amount of European funding of all Portuguese Universities, and has the largest international community of students and researchers. The University of Coimbra aims at supporting excellent research to be conducted within its premises and works to attract young researchers to carry out high-quality, innovative research. The University of Coimbra is among the best major science and technology hubs for applied and fundamental research in Portugal. Also, the UC is a founding member of the network Coimbra Group, a group of leading European universities. Coimbra is one of the most lively university cities in the world, and it is a beautiful city with easy access to the beach and mountain.


You should contact us as soon as you can! The interested candidates should email Jorge Almeida for questions and applications. Please send an email with the subject “MSCA-PF – Proaction with your curriculum vitae, list of publications, 2 reference letters, and a short description of your experience in the field and how you fulfill the requirements (fit with the position) to: jorgealmeida at We particularly encourage applications from women, and from underrepresented groups in academia.


Choosing the University of Coimbra as your Host Institution

Arrival & Integration

A number of services are directly available to provide a smooth arrival and integration in the country and city:

Please click here to apply:

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