PhD In Computational Neuroscience

Title: An EEG and computational modelling investigation into cultural differences in visual perceptual learning

Supervisory Team: Professor Eirini Mavritsaki, Dr Panagiotis Rentzelas, Professor Maxine Lintern, Professor Zoe Kourtzi (University of Cambridge), Stephanie Chua


Visual perceptual learning (VPL) refers to the acquisition of visual skills through training which improves our ability to detect useful information in cluttered scenes. Individualism and independence in Western cultures have been associated with differential processing and attentional styles. This research will be based on understanding cross-cultural differences on VPL using EEG and computational modelling work. The ideal applicant should have a good first degree in Psychology/Computer Science. Previous experience in conducting neuropsychological experiments and/or computational modelling work will be highly desirable.



Contact information:

Prof. Eirini Mavritsaki
Eirini.mavritsaki at
0121 3316361


Prof. Eirini Mavritsaki, Ph.D., CPsychol , SFHEA
Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Director of Research and Enterprise for the School of Social Sciences
Director of Postgraduate Research Studies for the School of Social Sciences

Department of Psychology
Faculty of Business Law and Social Sciences
Birmingham City University
The Curzon Building
4 Cardigan Street
B4 7BD
eirini.mavritsaki at
0121 331 6361

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