Senior Reliability Engineer

Neuralink is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers. We are building a team of multidisciplinary experts passionate about making a world-changing impact.

The Reliability organization at Neuralink is an inclusive, interdisciplinary team that is committed to the reliability of components and production assemblies. Your breadth of exposure as a Reliability Engineer will be immense as you collaborate with other core groups at Neuralink, guiding the hardware from design to production and operation. You use data to understand the factors that drive reliability, and support quality objectives in design and development teams to drive improvements in reliability in manufacturing, test and implantation. You have the ability to dive deep on the details to identify, understand and solve difficult technical problems and also utilize a system level approach to prioritize issues for the implant as a whole. You thrive in a hands-on environment and will spend time in the office, on the factory floor, and in the lab to execute on the company mission.



  • Partner with design engineering and manufacturing teams through product development and production to create quality plans for hardware, including identification of key characteristics, prototype testing for functionality and manufacturability, first article and detailed inspection planning, and consideration of past failures and lessons learned
  • Develop, implement and validate Lean test and inspection processes for new and existing products and process, ensuring that criteria are objective and that quality goals are consistently met
  • Actively monitor the success of products and processes through production ramp-up using a suite of quality and analysis tools
  • Conduct regular quality reviews to ensure that design intent is achieved and well-communicated; identify opportunities for risk reduction and removal of complexity in designs and processes to improve manufacturability, collaborating with integrated product teams to drive improvements and address high-impact and repeating non-conformances
  • Investigate failures in production, test and implantation, identifying and mitigating the immediate and underlying root causes in order to reduce risk and improve reliability of designs and processes
  • Contain suspect or known non-conforming product, providing guidance to quality inspectors, technicians, shop supervisors and engineers to assist in quarantining and rework activities
  • Support the production floor in continuous improvement and the advancing of a Lean, autonomous production system through creation of standard rework/repair guides, removal of redundant or unnecessary inspection, and improved control and optimization of critical processes
  • Develop new procedures or standards that improve overall reliability of the build while reducing complexity and implementing mistake proof solutions.
  • Mentor engineers across teams to improve skill sets that enable high reliability in our build and test processes.


Key qualifications:

  • Background in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, materials engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, or engineering physics
  • 5+ years in a manufacturing, quality and/or design engineering role

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