Internship On Predictive Statistical Analysis

The Vision Institute is a leading European research centre on physiological and pathological vision. It brings together on one site basic, clinical and industrial research. It promotes the sharing of concepts and techniques, the encounter of complementary skills and expertises and the emergence of new lines of research. The Research Chair Silversight is located at the Vision Institute and studies the impact of healthy aging on visual perceptual and cognitive functions.

Specifically, we aim at better understanding and assessing the mechanisms of functional degeneration associated with aging of the visual system, while defining the methods and instruments for screening and measurement. We are also working on the design and evaluation of innovative ophthalmic optical products, rehabilitation protocols, and other solutions and services to counter the effects of visual aging. This area of ​​technology transfer is part of our partnership with Essilor International, the world leader in ophthalmic optics.


Project description

Our research examines visual impairments related to age and their impact on cognitive function through a multidisciplinary approach, from the clinical assessment, psychophysics, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience. We perform our measurements on a population of 250 people (aged between 20 and 90 years). Therefore, we are faced with a large amount of multivariate data. In this project, we will define and apply (1) methods of statistical processing of complex data, and (2) algorithms for predictive statistical analysis (e.g., machine learning techniques).

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