Research Associate – Cellular-Matrix Interactions In Asthma Using Cutting Edge Imaging Technologies

The Lloyd lab is recruiting for a Research Associate to study cellular-matrix interactions in severe asthma, using cutting edge imaging technologies.

In addition to this post, and as part of this project, we are also recruiting for a second Research Associate, please see job reference MED02197.

The Lloyd Group is about to embark on a multidisciplinary project funded by the Wellcome Trust to investigate the neuro-immune-stromal interactions in response to environmental change and how this drives allergic airway inflammation and remodelling.

We will use both patients, and neonatal/adult allergic airway mouse models, to determine immune-neuro interactions and asses their impact on disease progression, pathology and lung function (

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Immunology, or a related discipline, and be technically proficient in a range of laboratory skills, have the ambition and drive to succeed.

This post will provide the opportunity to develop and drive an independent research project as well as writing up work for presentation and publication. Therefore, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, have excellent communication, organisational and problem-solving skills are essential.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the research programme of the Lloyd Group
  • Conduct and plan own scientific work
  • Identify and develop techniques, software, equipment for the collection and analysis of data
  • Assist in the supervision of students and research assistants
  • Publish in high quality journals and to present data at national and international meetings


Essential Requirements

  • PhD in Immunology or a closely related discipline.
  • Microscopy – Extensive microscopy and imaging experience (Confocal, widefield, live cell imaging, intravital or
  • Imaging Mass Cytometry). Knowledge or experience of Second Harmonic Generation microscopy would be advantageous
  • Image Analysis – Experience of image analysis and associated software including Image J, ICY, IMARIS, Huygens, Volocity, MCD, Cell Profiler will be required
  • In vivo experience, preferably with PIL A, B and C.
  • Primary Cell culture

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