Laboratory Research Coordinator Position In Systems/Cognitive Neuroscience

The Sensory and Motor Plasticity lab (SAMP Lab, PI: Ella Striem-Amit) at Georgetown University is looking for a full-time laboratory research coordinator.

We examine the balance between innate brain organization and experience-dependent plasticity by studying people with sensory and motor deprivation (e.g., blindness, dysmelia) using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques.

The Laboratory Research Coordinator will work on projects involving behavioral and fMRI testing of sensorimotor and visual processing, as well as perform administrative duties.

The position is particularly suited for a recent graduate from a Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science or related undergraduate program who is seeking to work in an innovative research environment in preparation for graduate school.


The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include:

  • Running Experiments for the lab:
    • Recruit and interact with study participants and run experiments in the lab (behavioral, fMRI), as well as online behavioral experiments (e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk).
    • Administrative responsibilities associated with these experiments, including maintaining lab records, participant reimbursements, uploading and organizing data, and managing IRB documentation and reviews.
  • Maintaining Infrastructure:
    • Responsibility for purchasing and maintaining lab equipment and managing data storage, including fMRI equipment, lab
      computers, and lab accounts on software and storage services.
  • Research Projects:
    • Responsibility for carrying out independent research projects and assistance with the research projects of students and postdocs.
    • These projects will involve a combination of behavior and fMRI of actions in healthy and special populations.
    • The laboratory research coordinator will be expected to participate in all aspects of experiment design, analysis, and communication, including creating stimuli and experimental protocols, collecting and analyzing data, writing up results for publication, and presenting findings at conferences.
  • Additional administrative duties:
  • Interaction with outside vendors, maintenance of laboratory records, assistance with coordinating lab meetings, conference trips and visits.

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