Lab Manager – Visual Neuroscience Using Human Intracranial Recordings

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neurodynamics (LCND; PI: Avniel Ghuman) at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking a Lab Manager to start June 2021. The LCND studies how our brains turn what we see into the rich meaningful experience we perceive in the world around us. We use direct neural recordings in epilepsy patients (intracranial electroencepholography) and non-invasive magnetoencephalography to measure the neural response to objects, faces, words, and social and affective visual stimuli with millisecond temporal resolution. We combine these high fidelity recordings with advanced signal processing, network analysis, and machine learning to understand how information flows through the visual processing networks of our brain. We use these recordings and analysis methods together to understand the computations that allow the human brain to read, recognize faces, comprehend facial expressions and gestures, and recognize objects.

Key responsibilities include assisting with experimental design, data collection, interfacing with the clinical epilepsy team, data preprocessing, and managing all aspects of lab life. Many opportunities exist to be involved with research at all levels, including having your own projects. The work involves extensive interaction with patients at their hospital bed, therefore a professional and empathetic bedside manner is critical as are strong organizational skills.

We are looking for a bright, organized, empathetic, and driven candidate dedicated to neuroscience research.

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