Technical Associate II, Di Carlo Lab

Working at MIT offers opportunities, an environment, a culture – and benefits – that just aren’t found together anywhere else. If you’re curious, motivated, want to be part of a unique community, and help shape the future – then take a look at this opportunity.

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE II, NEUROSCIENCEMcGovern Institute for Brain Research-DiCarlo Lab, to contribute to multidisciplinary research focused on understanding the neuronal algorithms and circuits that underlie human visual intelligence, including object and face recognition. Will supervise the day-to-day activities of a team of technicians and scientists to expand and scale the throughput of neural and behavioral data collection. The core duty is to be a supervisory interface and resource for graduate students and postdocs in planning and executing animal research, including supervising the planning of animal acquisition and use, preparation of animals’ surgeries, and assisting with the implementation and execution of new experiments. Will also execute standardized forms of behavioral and neural data collection, review the quality of those data, and parse and store collected data in standardized data structures in databases.

Responsibilities include overseeing a state-of-the art laboratory and non-human primate colony; working with veterinary staff to ensure peak colony health and communication between researchers; daily animal supervision and training; ensuring compliance with regulations/laboratory procedures; writing, maintaining, and amending research protocols and SOPs; training new lab personnel on animal handling and general research practices; administering and monitoring anesthesia and assisting with surgical and MRI procedures; and serving as DCM and EHS rep.

There will be opportunities for full involvement in specific research projects and potential co-authoring of associated research publications.


Job Requirements


  • bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, biology, psychology, engineering, or related field;
  • four years’ relevant work experience;
  • experience in animal research or veterinary medicine;
  • self-motivation;
  • strong organizational, communication, and time-management skills;
  • and ability to work independently and collaboratively with other lab members.

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