Engineering Team And Client Project Coordinator

Do you love running projects? We mean ALL the aspects…from organizing information to solving problems to encouraging team members?

Do you have those innate skills that coordinating complex projects capitalizes on including masterful organization and thinking outside the box?

When it comes to coordinating multiple intersecting tasks and communicating priorities, are you the person everyone looks to because you always know how to balance the “let’s get it done” message with the “you can do it” attitude?

Are you excited about neurotechnology and creating products that have a positive impact on human health and potential?

Do you want to work for a great company on a mission to change the world?

If you answered yes to these questions, talk to us!


We are looking for a humble badass Engineering Team and Client Project Coordinator to join our team and help keep us on track to meet our goals. This is a full-time, salaried position starting immediately in our Salt Lake City office. This position reports to our Lead Project Coordinator and adventurous culinarian, Henry Shin.


About this Position

This position will require you to wear TWO hats – Engineering Team Coordinator and Client Project Coordinator. We live the small biz life here at Ripple which means most of our folks get to double-up on duties. That’s right. We said “get to”… because we view challenges as an opportunity here at Ripple, rather than something we should shy away from.

In this role, you will be working with our external customers to determine project goals and timelines. After that, you will figure out all the subtasks we must meet to complete those goals. Then, you will input those tasks into our Project Management software and assign them (with encouragement and understanding) to our stellar engineers.


To fulfill this role, here’s the experience you should have under your belt:

  • Required: 2 years minimum experience in a Project Manager role.
  • Required: 2 years minimum experience using Project Management software (e.g. Jira, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project, etc.)
  • Required: Written and verbal interpersonal communication skills (this is CRITICAL; we need someone who can direct priorities and get the job done while helping our engineering teams understand WHY their tasks are important).
  • Required: Deep reserves of grit and optimism. We need someone who doesn’t get defeated easily and steps up to challenge after challenge with a positive outlook.
  • Required: Experience collaborating with operations, manufacturing, engineering, and quality departments within a company. Collaboration is a must.
  • Preferred: Medical Device industry knowledge.
  • Preferred: Biomedical Engineering degree.

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