PostDoc – Dynamic Properties Of Typical And Atypical Human Cognition

Watanabe lab in the IRCN aims at understanding the dynamic properties of typical and atypical human cognition as dynamics ensembles of whole-brain activities. Our research target includes both healthy individuals and those with psychiatric conditions, and our methodological approach varies from human behavioural experiments using fMRI, EEG, TMS or motion capture device— to numerical and data-science-like manners. We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher for our projects covering both cognitive neuroscience and computational psychiatry.


Application Requirements

Job title:

  • IRCN Postdoctoral Fellow (Full-time Fixed-term Project Researcher) / One

Employment Period:

  • Starting Date: Negotiable, The first contact will be ended on March 31, 2022 (due to Japanese fiscal year)


  • The contract is renewable on a fiscal year basis (from April 1 to March 31; every year) according to research budget, research activity, and research achievements. But the total period of employment will not exceed three years.

Probationary Period:

  • Six months from the date of arrival.


  • Watanabe (IRCN Principal Investigator) lab

Place of Work: 

  • International Research Center for Neurointelligence, The University of Tokyo, Institutes for Advanced Study
    7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 113-0033 JAPAN

This can be changed due to work circumstances.


  • The successful applicant is expected to engage in human cognitive neuroscience research and computational psychiatry studies in experimental/numerical manners and write scientific papers. For experiments, they can employ typical/atypical individuals using MRI, TMS, EEG and/or motion capture.


  • Required:
    • PhD in neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology or equivalent fields.
    • Skill and motivation to write academic manuscripts.
  • Preferred:
    • Experience in cognitive neuroscience experiments employing human individuals.
    • Experience in data analysis using MATLAB and/or Python.

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary: To be determined in accordance with the University of Tokyo Regulations
  • Commuter allowance: JPY55,000 per month at maximum
  • No retirement benefits or bonuses

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