PhD – Psychophysics & Behavioral Methods

The Harvard Vision Lab seeks outstanding graduate students to participate in an interdisciplinary program to understand vision and visual cognition using methods of visual psychophysics, cognitive psychology, brain imaging, and machine learning. Because it is one laboratory with two faculty, we have a highly collaborative and interactive environment in newly renovated space and access to state of the art resources for both behavioral and neuroimaging research.

  • A bachelors degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science or related fields is required.
  • Programming skills (MATLAB, Python, etc.) and experience with behavioral testing are desirable. However, we are also open to considering exceptional candidates from wider backgrounds.
  • The psychology department offers support for students that is competitive and is not restricted to U.S. citizens.


Interested applicants should visit the Department of Psychology website, and submit an application through the online submission system.

Please click here to learn more:

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