Postdoctoral Fellowship In The Cognitive Neuroscience Of Sleep

Our goal:

Our goal is to decode the physiological signals of the brain that support cognition and behaviour across different sleep-wake states and their importance for good cognitive health.


Research interests:

Despite continued research to characterize the features of sleep and its underlying physiological processes, the functions of sleep have remained largely enigmatic. The focus of our research is to investigate one of the dominant hypotheses in the field: that one of the primary functions of sleep is for memory consolidation; the process of forming enduring memory traces.

The University of Ottawa Sleep Research Laboratory employs a unique combination of behavioural, cognitive, electrophysiological, functional and structural neuroimaging and combined EEG-fMRI techniques to explore the functions – and dysfunctions – of sleep. The selected postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to work on a research program that will further examine the relationships between sleep and cognitive performances using a multimodal approach (e.g., EEG, behavior, neuroimaging). This program will contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of sleep in memory and cognition.

The fellow will have access to the Brain Imaging Centre at The Royal’s Institute for Mental Health Research (IMHR), including a 4-bedroom Sleep Laboratory and 3T Seimens PET-MRI, along with MRI compatible EEG, fully dedicated to research. The Royal IMHR Sleep Laboratory, and the University of Ottawa Sleep Research Laboratory, led by Dr. Fogel, each include 4 bedrooms equipped with 32-channel polysomnography and high-density EEG systems, actigraphy devices and cognitive testing equipment.

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