Project Manager (Research Associate) – Cognitive And Neurobiological Bases Of Reading

Project Director: Nicole Landi

Qualified individuals are invited to apply for a full-time Project Manager (Research Associate [RA]) position at Haskins Laboratories ( The successful candidate will join the lab of Professor Nicole Landi, which investigates the cognitive and neurobiological bases of reading development and reading disability using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques (fMRI and EEG).

This RA will facilitate a project that involves longitudinal tracking of children with reading disability and identification of predictors (behavioral and neurobiological) of reading intervention outcomes. This project is a collaboration with Professors Ken Pugh and Fumiko Hoeft.

Requirements include:

  • BA or BS in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience or related field
Additional relevant skills include:
  • Experience with human research, particularly with children
  • Experience with behavioral/standardized assessments
  • Experience with data management software (e.g., FileMakerPro, REDCap, Qualtrics)
  • Experience with neuroimaging techniques (EEG, fMRI, or fNIRS)
  • Experience with experimental presentation software packages (e.g., E-PRIME, Presentation, PsychoPy)
  • Experience with statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS, R, Matlab)

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