Associate Research Scientist In Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing

We are looking to strengthen the lab’s profile in several areas of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Potential topics include but are not limited to: (i) representation learning, (ii) question answering, (iii) conversational AI, and (iv) human-in-the-loop ML and NLP. We work with text and increasingly with multimodal content. Along with research results, we deliver novel datasets and scalable NLP frameworks, such as S-BERT or AdapterHub.

We are looking for applications from candidates in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or Text Mining. Prior experience with neural network architectures, reinforcement learning and other relevant areas of NLP and Machine Learning is a plus. Demonstrable engagement in open-source projects, strong programming skills and communication skills in English are highly appreciated.

The research group comprises over thirty team members working on various aspects of data-driven NLP and machine learning. Their novel applications extend to mining scientific literature or social media, and AI for the Social Good in general. UKP Lab provides a highly agile, diverse and supportive research environment with a wide cooperation network of both leading academic and industrial partners. The Department of Computer Science of the TU Darmstadt is regularly ranked among the top ones in respective rankings of the German universities. Its unique profile around AI (cf. and information processing (cf. emphasizes NLP, machine learning and their great potential for the industry and society at large.

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