Optics And Vision Scientist

Job Summary:

Apple is looking for a scientist with expertise in optics, human visual optics and vision science to support the development of cutting-edge imaging and display solutions and technologies foar future Apple products.

This position is focused on fundamental science and engineering of advanced display technologies to provide a superb visual experience for the user. The position would be within the Vision Group, a team of experts in vision science, image processing, color science, psychophysics, neuroscience, and visual optics. Work takes place in a highly collaborative and hands-on environment that fosters scientific and engineering excellence, creativity, and innovation.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Apply visual optics and vision science to design and evaluation of advanced display technologies
  • Guide design of optical systems to optimize user visual experience
  • Develop display quality metrics based on visual optics and vision science
  • Apply knowledge of individual variations in human visual optics to design of display systems
  • Review vision and optics literature to answer fundamental image quality questions
  • Design and conduct user studies of human visual optics and visual performance
  • Guide feature and spec definition for future products based on visual optics and vision science
  • Develop new products, features, and technologies based on visual optics and vision science

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