PostDoc – Computational And Systems Neuroscience

The Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM) at the Jülich Research Center in Germany investigates the structure and function of the brain. The subinstitute INM-6 consists of 6 groups that conduct research in the field of computational and systems neuroscience.

The Priority Program “Computational Connectomics” is a Germany-wide collaboration aiming at comprehensive descriptions of neuronal network connectivity and insight into its relationships to brain dynamics and function. The candidate will strengthen our team in the project “Cellular, connectional and molecular heterogeneity in a large-scale computational model of the human cerebral cortex”, which is embedded in the context of the Priority Program. It will be supervised by Prof. Sacha van Albada and is a collaboration with Dr. Alexandros Goulas (UKE Hamburg) and Dr. Timo Dickscheid (INM-1, Jülich Research Center). This collaboration links cytoarchitecture (Dr. Dickscheid) to connectomics (Dr. Goulas) and finally cortical network dynamics (Prof. van Albada). Simulations using the neural network simulation tool NEST on the Jülich supercomputers provide the unique opportunity for investigating spiking cortical models at the full density of neurons and synapses.

We are looking to recruit a

Postdoc in Computational Neuroscience – Priority Program 2041 Computational Connectomics

Your Job:

  • Extending and refining a large-scale spiking neural network model of human cerebral cortex
  • Investigating the origins of area- and layer-specific cortical timescales and oscillations

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