Vice President Of Software Engineering

Aether biomedical is a medical robotics startup from Poland solving the critical problem of the lack of a bidirectional communication between assistive therapy devices and the human body, leading to randomized, inefficient rehabilitation – missing out on invaluable musculoskeletal biomarkers.

Our tech is focused on building the operating system for the rehab industry utilizing musculoskeletal sensors, ML algorithms and smart therapy devices. Intending to deploy the tech across the neuromuscular rehab domain, our initial implementation is in the upper limb amputation space with Zeus, a multi-modal bionic solution, already on the market as a CE certified medical device.

Now, we are turning it up a notch by building the first, truly natural bionic limb of its kind – detecting true neural intent, exerting proportional control and providing sensory feedback. On top of that we are working on building a digital therapy platform that would support amputees throughout their end to end patient journey, providing interactive training, delivering real time feedback and bringing patients closer to rehabilitation professionals.


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