Full-Stack Web Engineer #DataViz

Life has been very exciting at Synetiq during the past months: we grew the team, moved to a cool new office, launched business in a new country, gained the trust of plenty of new clients.

This is the best time for you to join our awesome team if you fancy working with cutting-edge technologies and can imagine spending your days at a fast-growing startup, or if you are interested in the coolest neuromarketing research projects in Central Europe.

Synetiq is a leading neuromarketing media research company measuring people’s emotional reactions to media content. We are a cheerful team of engineers, data scientists, researchers, media experts and business professionals providing a solution for broadcasters, agencies and advertisers to better understand their audience.

To have a better idea about who we are and how we work, watch this 1-minute video about us, read some blog posts from our beloved colleagues: Synetiq: more than a company we work for and Internship experience at Synetiq, check out what our clients say about us on YouTube and have a look at our Facebook page.

We work hard and always aim to deliver the best results. Meanwhile, the team’s happiness remains top priority. Our perks include home office and flexible work hours, office massage, individual leadership coaching, cafeteria for food and leisure, a fridge filled with beers, self-development with a budget, conference participation and learning materials, occasional dinners and fun weekends…

We’d be glad to have some more talented people join the team. In case you feel you are a good fit for any of the below positions, then go ahead and submit your application, we’ll be happy to read your thoughts.

Please click here to apply:

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