Research Engineer Position In Neurophotonics For ERC Project


The Nägerl team is recruiting a research engineer/lab tech/postdoc (depending on qualifications) to help build, improve, test and run new optical microscopy techniques, with a special focus on super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

The task is to optimize and apply them to living mouse brain tissue and in vivo.

You will implement, develop and use state-of-the-arts and innovative fluorescence labeling approaches, sample preparation, custom-designed illumination and light detection schemes and (computational) data analysis. You will work together with other team members and assist them in tackling the technical challenges.

  • A high affinity for technology and all things optical is a must, troubleshooting, tinkering and general resourcefulness and ingenuity.
  • Programming skills (Python/Matlab/LabView) is a plus, as well as a deep curiosity about the mysteries of biological phenomena and mechanisms.

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