Senior Software Engineer – Possible Remote

Precision Neuroscience
Senior Software Engineer for Brain-Computer Interface Company
Location: Open to remote; preference for SF or NYC


What will be your impact, how will you make a difference?

At Precision Neuroscience, we have assembled world-class experts, including several Founding Members of Neuralink, to change what it means to live with brain disease. Led by Benjamin Rapoport, a neurosurgeon and electrical engineer, the founding team has deep expertise in translational neuroscience, electrical engineering, microfabrication, and other aspects of brain-computer interface (BCI) systems. We are committed to using our expertise across disciplines to revolutionize the care of patients with neurological disorders.

The Role:  As a Senior Software Engineer, you will help build the software that will power our brain-computer interface platform. Software will enable implanted electrode arrays in the brain to perform unprecedented feats and address previously intractable disease states. In your role, you will have significant creative license to drive development of this technology.

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