My Essay Search would like to collate real or legitimate jobs related to essays writing, thesis writing, research paper writing,  term paper writing or even just any jobs that require the content research and writing skills. Of course, you can simply Google them out and sort them out yourself but why go through all the hassle when you can simply check them in one page. This page may not be that updated as we manually scout the internet for those information but we try our best to be as updated as possible.

Writers or aspiring writers may actually contract with essay writing companies directly and get a good pay from them with a regular monthly income but the problem is that you may be obliged to work regularly. Freelancing companies such as Upwork formerly known as Odesk and Elance combined and other freelancing sites offer a good list of  jobs available to freelancers however they don’t necessarily have all the list with them and that you need to go through the hiring process of each hiring companies to get be able to get hired.

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