Essay Contests & Non-Fiction Writing Competitions

Are you interested in entering a writing contest, but don’t know how to win? After reading these three tips, you’ll become a surefire contender for winning the top prize.

1. Captivate from your first sentence
“The first sentence sets the tone for the entire piece.” You may have heard similar advice many times before, but it really does hold true of trying to produce a memorable piece of writing. Would you be inclined to continue reading a submission if the first line is dull, cliche, or doesn’t convey its intention effectively?

2. Think outside the box
Think about this: Hundreds or thousands of other people are likely to apply for the same competition as you. This means your goal should be to make your submission stand out. How? Give the judges something to “chew on”. Whether it be a different perspective, an innovative idea or perhaps a controversial topic, your submission should be memorable.

3. Get a fresh set of eyes
It may be daunting to show your submission to someone you’re close to, but having another set of eyes to look over your writing is invaluable. As any writer who has spent hours mulling over their piece will know, it’s difficult to detect your own errors or weaknesses.

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  1. Thanks for organizing this competition. This sure helps to bring out the talented writers. Wonderful job by this blog!

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