Chief Science Officer

At Xponent we are working hard to create a world where the out of reach problems of today become easier to solve tomorrow.

Together, we can build on the latest research in neurotechnology to develop products that are beautiful, personalized, and easy to use. Together, we can change the world.


Our Core Values

We aim to cultivate a unique company culture that maximizes team satisfaction, stimulates growth, and increases productivity:

  1. The Greater Good: A rising tide lifts all boats. We focus on the collective goals that help us all.
  2. Passion is Purpose: Do what you love, reach for the stars, and change the world. We know where we’re going, and we’re excited to get there.
  3. Work Hard, Play Hard: We value being driven, competitive, and effective in our work. We believe in striking a balance between work, home, and play so we can operate at our best.
  4. Always Grateful, Never Satisfied: We practice appreciation and gratitude. It’s important to acknowledge the present, before driving full speed into the future.
  5. Positive Path Forward: We’re dreamers and optimists. We believe success comes from a positive approach.
  6. Never Stop Learning: We’re lifelong learners. We continue to grow through dedication and hard work while prioritizing speed and perseverance to achieve the impossible.

Your Responsibilities

  • Strategy Development: Work with the CEO and CMO to establish a clear strategy that will expand and secure Xponent as a leader in neurotechnology. Lead the development of the annual science plan that delivers progress towards our mission while staying within budget and delivering on key business targets. Work on a range of business challenges that a startup faces that may be outside your area of expertise
  • Product Development: Work with the product team to translate neurotechnology research into prototypes. Take the lead on product testing, evaluation, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory bodies. Leverage data to find valuable insights to drive product development and strategic plans.
  • Clinical Trials: Lead the setup, execution, and management of clinical trials. Work cross-functionally with marketing and customer care to ensure product messaging is correct.
  • Team Development: Lead the creation and management of R&D and Engineering teams. Set team Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and assist in goal setting for each direct report. Develop systems and workflows that increase department effectiveness.
  • People Management: Foster an inclusive work environment and use a coaching mindset. Discuss performance issues promptly with direct reports and supportively manage performance. Prepare and conduct annual performance reviews for direct reports.


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