Technical Consultant EEG Accessories

The Company

EasyCap GmbH is manufacturer of EEG Recording Caps, electrodes, sensors and accessories for biosignal acquisition in basic research applications (Neuroscience). EasyCap designs, develops and produces electrode caps with active and passive electrodes optimized for specific purposes, be it in terms of electrode layout, for special applications like sleep, sport, neuroergonomics or ensuring compatibility to other data acquisition methods like fMRI, MEG, TMS, etc.

EasyCap provides the complete package needed around caps and electrodes to perform an EEG recording: connector adaptors to connect to almost any amplifier, custom harnesses, tornisters, sleeves to meet any experimental requirements, special electrolytes for effective cap mounting or long-term recordings, consumables/materials for preparation, mounting, cleaning, disinfection, and, last not least, the respective product knowledge.

EasyCap is the worldwide market leader of research-focused, customized EEG equipment since 25 years. EasyCap has a strong partnership with Brain Products GmbH, and additionally supplies it’s package to any other hardware manufacturers, to distributors, and to endusers. EasyCap products’ intended purpose is for research & education, they are no medical devices.


Your Responsibilities / Job Description

Our endusers are highly-qualified scientists worldwide. It’s the task of the Technical Consultant to advise them the best equipment for their experimental goals, to construct special solutions for them, and to provide all product- and procedural knowledge necessary for successful EEG recordings. You will do

  • Counselling and supporting end users and distributors setting up research studies with our equipment, mainly by emails and in the form of quotes
  • Writing of information and instruction material, and manuals
  • Developing and testing of new hardware
  • Product management of own and third-party products (active electrodes/connector adaptors, EEG amplifiers, measuring devices)
  • Collecting of user feedback for product improvements and specification of new products
  • Company representation at international conferences
  • Documenting your results and making them available for the team


Your Profile / Desired Skills and Experience

  • Experience in a relevant field of Neurosciences, Psychology, Physics, Biophysics, Biomedical Technology or a related field
  • Experience in setting up EEG laboratory environments, preferably lab manager experience, hands-on experimental experience
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Readiness to help with a strong solution-oriented problem solving mind
  • Excellent communication skills to understand problems from users with a diverse background and identify problems behind the questions
  • Fluent English and willingness to learn German
  • Experience in any of the following skills are beneficial: Matlab, programming, CAD & 3D-printing, chemical/pharmaceutical knowledge, regulatory issues

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