In-House Recruiter

The successful candidate will work across the company to help us grow our business by finding the talented people we need. You will be a part of our Operations team (along with HR, finance, office management and administration), and work closely with our Senior Management and Team Leads to define and execute our ongoing needs to source hires who will bring long term value.


Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage and drive the entire recruitment life cycle from establishing needs, defining roles, writing and posting job descriptions, candidate screening, interview process to welcoming hires and ensuring they settle-in well to life at BIOS
  • Proactively sourcing to create, and relationship building to maintain a talent pipeline for future requirements
  • Managing existing and researching new recruiting routes along with supporting event attendance both virtual and in person
  • Building a strong employer brand in the recruitment space
  • Ensuring we maintain high standards of fairness, transparency, consistency, and accessibility throughout our recruitment process, to help us build a diverse team
  • Proactively source and coordinate our Internship program
  • Putting in place (and continuing to use and refine) scalable processes for recruitment across the company, to make best use of our managers’ time and ensure the best recruitment outcomes
  • Researching the talent market to inform, refine and manage the expectations of team leads and senior management
  • Strategizing for strong ongoing talent acquisition, including the best use of our recruitment budget, and managing relationships with agencies.

This is a new role within the company and we expect that it will grow to take on new responsibilities in the People function such as:

  • Developing a “gold-standard” Onboarding process
  • Contributing to, updating and communicating the Company’s Culture
  • Developing and executing people Engagement & Retention strategies
  • Working on Learning and Development strategies with the teams
  • Driving Performance assessment, aligning with best practices
  • Tracking and recommending updates to the company’s Employee Benefit program
  • Supporting the teams with progression and succession planning.



Essential skills and qualifications:

  • Recruitment experience. You will already have hands-on experience working in recruitment, whether internally in a company or for an agency. This will include identifying, finding, engaging with candidates along with knowledge of employment and immigration associated matters.
  • Passionate about people. We’re a small, close-knit team, growing rapidly as we work towards shared goals. We need you to understand our goals and needs and be focused on bringing in the right people to help the company grow in the long term.
  • Strong organisation skills. We are hiring across all areas of our business. Therefore, carefully being able to track and manage candidates (we use Workable), as well as directly sourcing key talent, will be a top priority to ensure best use of the team’s time.
  • Adaptable and creative. Our business needs and environment are constantly changing. You will need to be able to quickly familiarise yourself with what we do and where we want to go, and quickly respond to our swiftly changing requirements.
  • Communication skills. Getting the right message across to candidates, understanding their strengths, and working with our teams to understand their needs are the most important parts of your role – which require an ability for precise and empathetic written and spoken communication.

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