Postdoctoral Researcher In Neuroscience, Particularly System Neuroscience And Neuro-Immunology

The Biology of Neuro-Immune Interaction Laboratory at the HiLIFE-Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki, is led by P.I. Dr. Francesco M. Noé . We are now seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join our lab.

The position is a full-time primary research fellowship for a postdoctoral scholar interested in pursuing a career in neuroscience, particularly in system neuroscience and in neuro-immunology. Postdoctoral fellow will be expected to develop original research projects focused on understanding the biological determinants of brain activity in physiological and pathological conditions, with specific focus on traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. Our current projects include understanding the role of neuro-immunity in the development of neurodegenerative diseases, and of CNS lymphatic system in brain functions.


The fellow will work on animal models of diseases and will have the possibility to use advanced investigation tools for in vivo neuroimaging (multiphoton and focused ultrasound), electroencephalography and behavioral, as well as flow cytometry and molecular biology. Postdoctoral fellow will be involved in all the aspects of data collection and analyses, and is expected to disseminate research findings via peer-reviewed manuscripts and scientific presentations at national and international conferences. S/he will be also involved in the supervision of PhD students, grant writing and in collaborative projects both in Finland and abroad.


Who we are looking for:

  • To add relevant expertise to our lab, we are seeking a highly motivated neuroscientist with an interest to work in a multidisciplinary and challenging environment.
  • The successful candidate must have a PhD or MD, and experience with neuroimaging, EEG and/or flow cytometry.
  • Previous experience in RNAseq data analysis, R, and Matlab or Python software is a plus.
  • The candidate should also have a strong publication record, as well as project management skills, critical and analytical thinking, and social and communication skills.
  • Fluent spoken and written English is a requirement.


The position is filled for a fixed term of one year, with the possibility to renew it, starting from April 2021 or as agreed. The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities. The University of Helsinki offers comprehensive services to its employees, including occupational health care and health insurance, sports facilities, and opportunities for professional development. A trial period of 6 months will be applied.

For further information on the position, please contact: Academy Fellow Francesco M. Noè,

Please click here to apply:

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