Junior Quality Assurance Tester

Neurons Inc is founded and headed by Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy, who is considered one of the leading scholars and practitioners in applied neuroscience, neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, and consumer neuroscience. Neurons Inc combines neuroscience, eye tracking, and machine learning for unparallel prediction of brand memory. Since 2013 their client portfolio has included: Ikea, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Tesco, Spotify, and Twitter. Meaning that 70 % of their business is based in America.

Due to the pandemic Neurons Inc has experienced challenges in performing scientific studies with their clients worldwide and has therefore enabled their massive amount of data, to create a new innovative solution. Neurons Inc is in the process of disrupting their own ways of doing business and is aiming to empower 2/3 of their business to be run through online channels.


Your new role:

We are looking for a Junior Quality Assurance Tester with great attention to detail to find bugs, document them and provide a broad description of the issues, so it can be fixed by our developers.

As Neurons Inc’s new Junior QA Tester you will help shape the future of the new online applications. You will be part of a R&D team working closely with scrum master and developers as well as the Customer Success team to test the bugs reported by customers.


  • Great communication and reporting skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, having a systematic approach
  • Willingness to understand product from users perspective
  • Good understanding of and experience with modern web applications such as Google Suite
  • No programming skills are required, but general technical knowledge can come as a bonus



  • Test and report bugs for NeuronsInc B2B products
  • Come up with edge cases which are not covered by automated testing
  • Communicate between different stakeholders (developers, product managers, users, designers)
  • Collect and summarize user feedback about their experience with products

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