Software Engineer

Insai is developing the first consumer BCI that can both read and stimulate a brain non-invasively. We are a fast-growing team of neuroscientists, machine-learning and hardware engineers, developers, and designers all working on evolving human cognition beyond its current limitations.
Required skills:
  • Hands-on experience with Signal Processing and biological real time data
  • Hands-on experience in scientific programming in Python (numpy, scipy, sklearn, matplotlib, pandas, jupyter notebooks), C/C++ and statistics
  • Experience with machine learning (Tensorflow/PyTorch)
  • Knowledge of cloud storage and deployment strategies.
  • Readiness to rapidly prototype real features in a startup environment
  • Interested in technology and the future of human-computer interaction
  • Opportunity to impact the world and expand human cognition beyond its current limitations
  • Fast learning rate
  • Working with a team of highly determined people.

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