PhD/Undergrad – Cognitive Control, Its Development, Or Relations To Pediatric Psychopathology

For prospective graduate students:

Broadly, graduate students in the lab will focus on studying cognitive control, its development, or relations to pediatric psychopathology (e.g., anxiety). Methods will focus primarily on EEG (time-frequency, source-localization), computational modeling (e.g., drift-diffusion modeling), and structural equation modeling. (f)MRI is also a key method for the lab, though secondary to EEG.

We are most interested in identifying individuals that are interested in these questions/ methods and have at least some background in programming and/ or EEG. Familiarity with methods other than EEG, prior experience working with developmental populations, or experience studying the exact questions the lab is focused on are of less importance. Grades and GRE scores, beyond a given cutoff are also of less interest.

Interested individuals should send an email with their C.V. and an unofficial transcript to


For prospective undergraduate research assistants:

The role of undergraduates in our research:

Undergraduate Research Assistants (UGRAs) have a very important role in our research. They are needed to assist in many aspects of data collection and analysis. UGRAs may help recruit subjects, set-up and run experiments, and code data.

What an undergraduate can learn from this experience:

Our undergraduate research assistants get “hands-on” research experience. They will be exposed to the research methodology, as well as the logistics of running a study. They will become familiar with the administration of a protocol and become accustomed to a research setting. Advanced undergraduates with statistical or programming knowledge may also learn how to analyze and interpret study results.

Social and biological science-related field majors, as well as computer science, engineering or math majors are encouraged to apply. The position requires attention to detail, proper time management, and excellent interpersonal skills. We ask for a two-semester commitment, but space is not guaranteed.

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