Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

AAVAA fuses cutting-edge advances in Neuroscience, AI, Advanced Audio Signal Processing, Embedded System Design, and Material Scienceto give everyone the power to seamlessly control their auditory environment without fumbling with devices. Our developed IP portfolio leverages research from world-leading universities in a first-of-its-kind solution to enhance the sounds people are interested in, rather than sounds that are simply closest. Our solution is very far reaching, touching many markets in both medical and consumer electronic applications.

AAVAA, based in Montréal, is a deep technology start-up looking for an experienced CEO to help us bring our company to the next level. AAVAA is backed by TandemLaunch, a world-renowned deep-tech incubator. For more information, please visit:


Role and Opportunity Description:

The AAVAA Chief Executive Officer position is for an experienced executive who is looking to make a difference in the personal electronics and audio spaces. As the CEO, you would be responsible for fundraising, revenue generation, operation and growth of the business, and investor relationships.

We are looking for an experienced CEO with:

  • A track record in leading, scaling, and having exited early-stage venture-backed technology start-ups
  • Fundraising experiences for early-stage tech start-ups from strategic investors and venture capital
  • Strategic insights and experience in B2B/licensing business development in sensors, health monitoring, audio devices, consumer electronics, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate governance, finance, marketing, sales, HR, etc.
  • A fast paced, organized, and team-centric personality with an emphasis on executing

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