PostDoc – Intricacies Of Human Variability And The Impact Of Human Complexity On Research Practices

We are excited to announce that we anticipate two postdoctoral positions becoming available to work with Drs. Stephen Mitroff and Dwight Kravitz in the Cognitive Neuroscience Program in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at The George Washington University. The project will be in collaboration with the US Army Research Laboratory. The research focus is on using big data to understand the intricacies of human variability and the impact of human complexity on research practices. The project aims to inform basic science questions about appropriate experimental procedures and underlying mechanisms of human performance in complex environments. There is also an interest in exploring how basic science research practices can be modernized to improve the speed and effectiveness of translation into real-world applications.

More information on the labs can be seen here: and


Knowledge of vision and attention research is preferred, and strong statistical modeling and programming abilities are required (e.g., Python/MATLAB). The start date is flexible.

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