Postdoctoral Researcher In Human Brain Organoids And Neurodegeneration

We are seeking highly motivated, successful, and creative individual(s) with a background in neuroscience, stem cell biology, and (neuro)-immunology. The successful applicant will work in a highly stimulating environment to pursue an exciting visionary cross-disciplinary project aimed at unraveling neuro-immune interactions in Parkinson’s disease by means of patient stem cell-derived organoids. The studyc will involve wide range of techniques including stem cell culture, microglia differentiation, organoid generation, and scRNA sequencing. The candidate will have the opportunity to grow independently and get involved in other exciting projects, including developments of chimeric mouse models with human neurons, and glial cells; development of stem cell based therapies for degenerative disease and brain regeneration studies.


The ideal candidate should have:

  • Ph.D. and/or M.D. or equivalent degree in neuroscience, biology or any related field
  • Outstanding record of achievements from prior training
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


The successful candidate should have prior experience in at least two of the following scientific fields:

  • Stem cell biology in particular experience using induced pluripotent stem cells and organoids
  • Immunology
  • Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics

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