Kernel is building world leading, non-invasive brain interface technology.

We are looking for a skilled, self-driven problem-solver with expertise in backend software engineering to build APIs and client applications which will support the launch of our hardware devices to market.

Neuroscience is the new rocket science.



  • Design and implement Python cloud APIs to ingest time series brain data, organize it, and manage the processes around data collection such as study participation
  • Assist in building our AWS data lake, ETL infrastructure, and self-service analysis product
  • Enhance our PyQt UIs used by our early customers and help evolve their future direction
  • Improve our Rust acquisition client while maintaining high performance and robustness
  • Help our scientists and physicists automate their hardware tasks with computer vision and actuator control
  • Maintain a clean, concise and modular codebase and deliver high quality, well-tested code
  • Be driven, able to defend architectural choices, and are comfortable working in a flat organization



  • 3+ years of professional software engineering experience
  • We code mostly in Python and Rust today; you should be able to demonstrate comfort, proficiency, and mastery in either of these or demonstrate flexibility in learning these on the job
  • Know your way around *nix environments (bash/zsh), git, and other CLI tools
  • Proficiency in communication protocols such as HTTP, websockets, TCP, and UDP
  • Prior experience in and understanding tradeoffs of relational and non-relational databases and object stores

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