PostDoc – Development Of Robust Brain-Computer Interfaces

This is a full-time Postdoctoral Associate position to work on the development of brain-computer interfaces for people with upper limb paralysis. Responsibilities include the design, execution, and management of experiments within the context of a human brain-computer interface project. The candidate will apply analytical techniques to neural recordings from people with chronic tetraplegia to address scientific questions related to sensorimotor control, motor learning, and/or context-dependent neural activity. Please reach out to Dr. Collinger for more information about ongoing projects.

There will be opportunities to closely interact with multiple faculty investigators from clinical, engineering, and basic science departments across both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University campuses. With supervision and support from faculty mentors, the candidate will be encouraged to develop independent research projects/expertise, participate in professional development opportunities, disseminate their research findings through peer-reviewed publications and scientific meetings, and develop and submit fellowship grant proposals.


The candidate should have a PhD in Biomedical/Neural Engineering, Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Statistics, or a related field.

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