Computational Neuroscientist – R&D

Inscopix, a discovery phase neurotechnology company, is seeking a computational neuroscientist to join our science R&D team to work on the research & development of neuroimaging processing and analysis tools for neuroscientists. In this role, you will develop advanced tools for the analysis of neural data sets, including the extraction of biological signals from imaging data sets, and drive the development of innovative neuroscience algorithms. The ideal candidate will demonstrate deep understanding of statistical and machine learning concepts, particularly as they apply to processing, analyzing, and interpreting in vivo neural and behavioral datasets. A successful candidate will have excellent communication skills, with an ability to craft clear data narratives and share them via illustrative visualizations, Python notebooks, and slide deck presentations.


Examples of projects include:

  • Develop algorithms or improve existing methodologies for image processing, motion correction, cell identification and trace extraction
  • Process and analyze calcium activity from non-neuronal brain cells (glia)
  • Align and co-register neural imaging datasets collected from different imaging modalities
  • Process and analyze changes in brain fluorescence from novel genetically-encoded neural sensors

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