Senior Software Engineer – Data Pipeline

We are looking for a talented and passionate data engineer to join our engineering team developing and scaling our data processing applications.

You’ll join a team of engineers, media analysts and business professionals working hard to develop the most innovative technology to understand people’s emotional reactions.

Here your work will have visible results, it will be appreciated and will have a high impact on the whole company. Your proactive ideas will be heard and if they are good enough, you’ll receive all the support to implement them. You’ll learn fast and a lot, will have authority to take decisions and to grow with and within the team.

What we do:

  • We develop and operate Synetiq’s video intelligence products from end to end. You will have the chance to work in a broad range of software engineering areas, like low-level sensor data processing, data pipelines, visualisations and databases.
  • We value clean code and know how to write it. Code review (via GitHub) is an integral part of our development process.
  • Our applications are built on open source software. We use various biometric sensors, Python, Docker, PostgreSQL, GitHub and several parts of the Google Cloud Platform.
    We work in an agile way. We do daily standups. Every two weeks we have sprint planning meetings, where every team member’s opinion is heard.

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