PostDoc – Circuit Plasticity And Neuro-Immune Interactions


Postdoctoral Positions in Neurophysiology.

The Santhakumar Lab ( at the University of California, Riverside is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral scholars to fill 1-2 postdoc positions. The candidate(s) will participate in NIH-funded studies examining circuit plasticity and neuro-immune interactions underlying the disease progression and behavioral co-morbidities in models of experimental brain injury and epilepsy and related behavioral co-morbidities. Our group provides a vibrant research environment with multidisciplinary approaches including patch-clamp physiology in slices, optogenetic manipulations, multi-channel electrophysiology in vitro and in vivo as well as large-scale network modeling to examine microcircuit physiology and plasticity (Yu et al., Cerebral Cortex 2016; Korgaonkar et al., Annals of Neurology 2020).

UCR offers an excellent academic environment with a growing neuroscience research profile and opportunities for collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of faculty.

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