Research Coordinator With Experience In Clinical Research Studies

An exciting opportunity for a  Clinical Research Project Coordinator is available at the New England College of Optometry (NECO). We are seeking a motivated individual with experience in clinical research studies to help us lead a longitudinal myopia (nearsightedness) study at Dr. Vera-Diaz’s Children’s Vision Lab. The PICNIC study aims to understand the mechanism whereby some children develop myopia; this information will be critical for the design of effective myopia prevention and control treatments.


The project is part of a collaborative research effort of experts in clinical optometry, neuroscience, vision science and electrophysiology. We use a variety of clinical and laboratory research methodologies, including psychophysics, aberrometry, gaze-contingent eye-tracking, biometry and electrophysiology.


The project coordinator will work closely with the principal investigator and her interdisciplinary team.

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