Essay WritingThe essay is a type of literary text that seeks to interpret or evaluate some subject of interest for the writer, characterized by including personal content, which provides greater freedom at the time of writing. Here we will give you some information to write a good essay.

How do you write an essay?

An essay is composed of three parts:
In this part the reader is introduced on the subject, presenting the initial ideas to support the aspects that we will speak during the text. This is where the text is born, so it is important to create a good introduction. It is usually short, but it will also depend on the topic we chose.

To write essays this part is fundamental, because it is the body of our text. Here the arguments and quotations are presented to support our text. To writing in colleges and universities it is necessary to use reliable sources and to quote the authors correctly to have good results in the qualification.
This is the final part when writing essays. A recapitulation of the main ideas of the text is made and our point of view is placed to give a final resolution on the subject. It is recommended to use closing words and to solve the hypotheses raised in the development.

Besides that, to do written essays it is necessary to know some characteristics of this type of text.

It needs to be a current topic, which will depend on the audience to which our essay is directed.

It is not necessary to be very extensive, to write a good essay only you need to have good arguments on the subject and paraphrase correctly.
Written essays can lead to reflection and change the perspective of the reader.

When writing in colleges and universities the subject may already be defined, but if we have to choose it ourselves we can use any topic that we like and debate among our classmates.

If you still do not know how do you write an essay we will show you some important things that you must take into account:
Use reliable sources: Take the time to research the subject of your essay and find out about the bibliography accepted by your tutors / teachers.
 Make a draft: if you have a hard time inspiring you can simply take a paper and place the first thing you think about the subject. That way it will be easier for you to start.
Review your essay: when you finish give a last look at your essay to add or remove anything and make sure it is ready.