DevOps Engineer – Possible Remote

The Role

  • A full-time position on our Engineering team, where your efforts will help us bring vitally needed neurological health information to patients, their physicians, and researchers in the fight against brain disease.
  • Challenging work on our infrastructure and tooling, architecting and implementing scalable microservice deployments, data processing pipelines, and dynamic machine learning workflows along with our neuroscience team and the rest of engineering.
  • Instrumenting advanced deployment automation so we can maintain agile velocity (daily deploys) even as regulatory demands put more restrictions on our CI/CD (e.g. signed commits)
  • Automating platform security, in terms of both safe inter-service communication, sensitive data management, and active auditing and monitoring using the latest tools and services available in the field.
  • Building internal tools to streamline development, creating things like popup testing environments, canary deployments, double-dispatch, automated failover, and so on.
  • Encourage awareness and educate about DevOps, democratizing the skill and mind set so everyone can build scalable, well-monitored services (help us help you!).


Engineering At Rune Labs

  • Your work will directly support:
    • Patients and their neurologists before, during, and after in-clinic and telemedicine visits
    • Research and development of new therapies for Parkinson’s Disease, OCD, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions afflicting tens of millions of people.
  • Work with the smartest and kindest folks in software engineering, neuroscience, and business development.
  • Be part of a culture of explicit ethical consideration to both ourselves and the patients whose data we are entrusted with.
  • An environment that has kept up with technical debt from day one, and works hard to keep it that way. Our infrastructure is fully automated and our stack instrumented with observability, CI/CD, strong security practices, and a team experienced enough to know why those always matter.
  • Full health, vision, and dental coverage and benefits for yourself and dependents
  • (if you’re in San Francisco) Our office is across the street from Golden Gate park, pet-friendly, great food within walking distance, and all the free t-shirts and swag you can stomach. Enough said.


About You

  • At least 2 years of backend services development (i.e. non-ops) experience in SaaS. Preferable experience with Python and Go, but not strictly required.
  • At least 3 years of experience where cloud infrastructure was 50% of your time or more. We are on AWS.
  • A track record working with containerized environments. We use Kubernetes.
  • Strong alignment with Rune’s Values (
  • High degree of empathy and a strong conviction towards concrete outcomes for both yourself and your team as a whole.
  • Preference for fast-paced environments with tight feedback loops and continuous delivery
  • An open, scientific, and critical mind that backs up decisions with data. You consciously understand the dangers of trend-chasing, abusing social credit, and shoehorning precedent into new situations.

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