Internship On Psychophysics Of Spatial Cognition And Aging

The Aging in Vision and Action team aims at investigating the impact of natural visual aging on perceptive and cognitive functions. This project aims at studying how age-related visual impairments (natural degradation of visual acuity, sensibility to contrasts/colours and of the eye field width) impact visual spatial cognition in ecological-like conditions. We will use the Streetlab platform to run a series of psychophysical experiments to assess spatial orientation and navigation performances of young vs. elderly subjects. The Streetlab is a physical reconstruction of an artificial street. It is equipped with a motion capture system and a wearable eye-tracker, which ensures the subject’s behaviour to be fully monitored.


The successful applicant will primarily:

  • review the experimental literature on age-related changes in spatial cognitive functions;
  • undertake a training on motion capture and eye-tracking techniques;
  • run the experiments in the Streetlab;
  • perform data analysis.


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