Postdoctoral Fellowship In Cognitive Neuroscience

I wanted to bring to your attention the very cool postdoc position listed below, working with my colleague Cindy Bukach at the University of Richmond. There are 3 unique things about it:

  • It includes an opportunity to collaborate with my lab on face decoding analyses.
  • It provides access to a unique database, with ERPs and individual differences measures from hundreds of participants
  • It includes significant teaching opportunities

Please forward to anyone who might be interested!


Psychology: Trawick Postdoctoral Fellow – 000669


The University of Richmond has an opening for a postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience starting in July 2021. The fellowship is designed to enhance candidate’s scholarship and provide teaching experience for a career in academia. The candidate will work collaboratively with Dr. Cindy Bukach investigating how category specific effects (in particular face perception and other-race effects) emerge, generalize, and transform with changes in experience and context, using both behavioral and ERP techniques. Candidates with an interest in EEG/ERP will also have access to a large EEG database, and the opportunity to work collaboratively with Dr. Steve Luck using EEG decoding methods. Applicants should hold a PhD in a related field (e.g., psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience) and have extensive experience with EEG including experiment design, programming, data collection, and statistical analysis. Proven skills in scholarly writing will be an advantage, as will be a background in face/object recognition or social neuroscience and/or programming skills. Finally, the candidate is expected to have good social skills, the ability to work in a team, and commitment to mentoring undergraduates. The successful candidate will work collaboratively and independently on research with Dr. Cindy Bukach and her students, and will teach two units per academic year. Yearly travel funds included.

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