PostDoc – Impact Of Chronic Stress On The Activity Of The MPFC Excitatory/Inhibitory Microcircuitry


Understanding the impact of chronic stress on the activity of the mPFC excitatory/inhibitory microcircuitry

The Labonté lab is opening a postdoctoral position for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow interested in studying the impact of chronic stress on the activity of the medial prefrontal cortical (mPFC) excitatory/inhibitory circuitry in males and females. This project builds on results from our group showing that chronic stress interferes with the inhibitory control of principal cells differently in the mPFC of chronically stressed males and females. The aim of this project is to define how stress impacts the transcriptional programs controlling the activity of the different inhibitory interneuron subclasses in the mPFC and dissect their individual contribution on the disruption of the mPFC excitatory/inhibitory balance required for proper emotional responses to chronic stress in males and females.

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