Postdoctoral Associates – Cellular Heterogeneity And Circuit Organization Of Healthy And Diseased Brains


The Noebels and Jiang laboratories in the Departments of Neuroscience/Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine are jointly seeking applicants for postdoc associate positions. The specific goal of the postdoc fellows for these positions is to use a multi-disciplinary approach, including single-cell RNA sequencing, Patch-seq, multi-patch clamp recording, machine learning, and complicated genetic tools to understand cellular heterogeneity and circuit organization of healthy and diseased brains. The fellows will use rodent and primate models, including surgically resected human tissue, to understand brain cell types with the molecular, spatial, and morpho-electric annotations, and how genetic lesions (related to epilepsy and autism) give rise to culprit cell types that contribute to the core symptoms of affected individuals.

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